Kayla Wood

 singer-songwriter, actor, model  


Here are a few of my performance videos

I wrote the first one and I like it a lot


I'm  Kayla Wood, and I live outside Birmingham, AL., where I attend middle school.

Singing is what I enjoy most. I'm taking piano and voice lessons now, and I just got a guitar for my birthday. My dad plays guitar, so I know I can count on him to help me learn.

I used to play sports and was an all-star catcher. But I decided after a few years that music and song-writing were where I wanted to invest my time.

I like school and study hard to get all A's, but I can't say what I will study in college or anything like that yet.

Animals of all kinds are my friends. I even pick up snakes and spiders and move worms out of our driveway -- and I sometimes think about being a veterinarian.

Once, I told my grandparents that I was going to be a vet, have a farm with an animal rescue shelter and work at Sonic. (I think I was just into Sonic at the time.)

When I am not studying or working on my music, I like spending time with my family and my friends from school and church.

Or maybe I'll just rock out on Guitar Hero with my sister, Kelsey, and my friends. (That's Kelsey in the background, singing at the top of her lungs.)















What's on my mind:

I'll try to write a little something here each week so we can share our thoughts.






Things I like to do

Playing games on Wii

Building snowmen...and dogs